Isaac Hayes


Isaac Hayes

CD BEST OF Vol. 1                                                  STAX US                   FCD 60-001

1986 7 TRK Collection (70’s recordings)

CD HOT BUTTERED SOUL                                  UNIVERSAL JPN    UCCO-9511

1969 4 TRKS kami sleeve (’08 issue) SHM-CD

CD SHAFT (O.S.T.)                                                  STAX US                   SCD 88002.2

1971? 15 TRKS

LPx2 SHAFT (O.S.T.)                                                  ENTERPRISE US   ENS-2-5002

1971? 15 TRKS

I have my older brother to thank for hipping me to Isaac Hayes, as a solo artist.  I am certain he brought home an LP of “Hot Buttered Soul” and played it for me.  How must’ve “Hyperblicsyllabicsesquedalamystic” sounded to my 11 year old ears?  FYI, I spelled that from memory, I did not look it up – so maybe it’s not spelled 100% accurately.

Just about everybody in the pool room heard Hayes’ masterwork, “(Theme from) Shaft”; it’s insistent orchestration and R&B groove is not in dispute.  Time for the leather pants, jacket and hat.  Don’t forget the large gold chains.  Oh, and take your shirt off.

I think at some point, Isaac got a little bit ahead of himself.  We are all familiar with his masterful songwriting capability – on stuff like several of the big Sam & Dave hits.  In the “Rock Music” world, Hayes is a bit of a one-hit wonder with “(Theme from) Shaft” – how many remember “Black Moses”?  Or Hayes’ concert film?  (I remember that at the end of the film, it says “The Beginning” instead of “The End”!

All is not lost – anybody who makes an album as good as “Hot Buttered Soul” is always welcome around here.  I went for a new mastering of “HBS” in ’08, when it was re-mastered in Japan for SHM-CD – probably right around the time he passed away – the obi for “HBS” says (in English) “Mourn For Isaac Hayes”!

To get myself up to speed, I come to find that Isaac Hayes has some SA-CD titles!  I’ve seen an SA-CD for the “Shaft” soundtrack, but it was ‘spensive!  An Out-of-print collectible, in a glass case on the wall, back in the jazz room @ Amoeba Hollywood – for something like $60!  I can find an SA-CD for “The Isaac Hayes Movement” on eBay for under $20 – in the door – but so far, I can’t tell if it’s multi-channel or not.  And I guess I just plain old ‘missed’ the SA-CD of “HBS” – I’ve never seen a copy of it for sale.

I would say that to absolutely have your “70’s funk on” totally together, you need both “HBS” and the soundtrack to “Shaft”.  Just to make sure I had all the bases covered, I also went for a CD of “The Best Of, Vol. 1” – I don’t want to be caught short, when it comes to Isaac Hayes – at any party I would DJ at.

Maybe I’ll get lucky one day with the Isaac Hayes SA-CD’s, and a high price will be justified (to me) by the presence of a sticker proclaiming “Multi-Channel” (hybrid SA-CD).  But I’m not sure if such an animal actually exists!

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