Sly & The Family Stone


Sly & The Family Stone

I was certainly aware of Sylvester Stone / Sly & The Family Stone before “Woodstock”, but that was probably the first time I actually got to see what they looked like!

CD ANTHOLOGY                                                                               EPIC US  EGK 37071

1981 20 TRKS 60’s & 70’s recordings

CD DANCE TO THE MUSIC                                                             EPIC US  EK 66427

1967 10 TRKS (’95 issue)(1 x bonus track)

7″ DANCE TO THE MUSIC (EP) (PS) promo                              EPIC UK  EPC 3048

1972 4 TRK EP; with pic sleeve, promo

7″ FAMILY AFFAIR / LUV N’ HAIGHT (PS)                                    EPIC US  5-10805

1971? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

MD GREATEST HITS                                                                         EPIC US  EM 30325

197? 12 TRK Collection

7″ I WANT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER / STAND (PS)                      EPIC US  5-10450

1969 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo

7″ RUNNIN’ AWAY / BRAVE & STRONG                                      EPIC US  5-10829

1971? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP STAND!                                                                                         EPIC US  BN 25456

1969? 8 TRKS re-issue

CD STAND! re                                                                                     EPIC US  75912.2

1969 13 TRKS (5 x bonus tracks) (’07 issue) R&B

7″ THANK YOU / EVERYBODY IS A STAR                                   EPIC US  15-2303

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, re-issue

CDx2 WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE, THE                                         EPIC US  48241.2

1969 17 TRKS Live + “Stand” CD (’09 issue)

Recently I obtained:


1971? 21 TRKS Atlanta Pop Festival / Isle of Wight

…and it got me thinking “This is one tight live band!” – but a quick scan of my mental rolodex failed to yield a proper live album from Sly & Co.  That got taken care of when “The Woodstock Experience” was issued in 2009 – but I wonder why they didn’t get a live album while the original band was active?

Sly & The Family Stone certainly opened some doors, crossed some borders etc. with their brand of hippie-friendly R&B / Rock.  I knew plenty of psychedelic music people who were very OK with Sly & The Family Stone, but with little other R&B of the day.

If you only want to own one disc, the Epic Records “Anthology” is a good one – all the hits are there:  “I Want To Take You Higher”, “Family Affair”, “Everyday People”, “Running Away” and more.

And nobody was more amused than I at Howard Devoto’s Magazine covering “Thank You For Letting Me Be Mice Elf Again”.

Who said San Francisco only ever produced ‘acid rock’?

Long live Sly Stone!  Hey, Music Lover!

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3 Responses to Sly & The Family Stone

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Respect to Sly for building a gender and racially mixed band, that was a hot one for sure. We can all thank Larry Graham for popularizing his “slap” technique that a whole school of bass playing was built upon. I’m not a fan of most SF music [to put it mildly] but SLy + The Family Stone [along with CCR] are safely ensconced in my Record Cell. When Sly resurfaced briefly a few years ago, my wife was following the saga on the net but it looks like that was a blip on the Sly radar. Has he made any public appearances lately? His brush with sobriety seemed to have ended badly.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Until the real ‘Sly book’ gets written, we may never know exactly everything that has transpired. I, too, read all about him trying to play live in England, and not much coming of it – on stage for 20 minutes only etc. There was an interview I read, too – and it seemed like not much was going on, and I prepared to read his obit. The “Woodstock” live album is OK, too.

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    His appearance on the Dick Cavett Rock Icon DVDs is pretty snowblind.

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