Back to stereo?


Back To Stereo?

Well, as you may have read, I’ve been in the multi-channel zone all week.  Gosh, I remember when the big prize was finding a music video with proper 2-channel stereo!

And what about all my stereo LP’s?  I’m not going to forsake those, am I?  No, I know better than that!  Really good sounding stereo is better than weak-sounding multi-channel, I reckon.

With SA-CD’s, I think now I will only go for stereo ones where I like the music.  I might still try some DVD-A’s or SA-CD’s in multi-channel if it was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m certainly not paying any big bucks for ‘stereo only’ SA-CD’s anymore!

That’s what I get for being late to the party on multi-channel audio – some desirable titles are out of print already, most are ‘hard to find’ and some are expensive!  I recently obtained an ’09 DVD-A multi-channel version of Mike Oldfield “Tubular Bells” – a title I could never find as an SA-CD!  Of course, it’s list price is 5,800 yen (approx. US$70.00!), and I paid a bit more than that for it.  Why, you ask?

I could mail-order the “Deluxe Edition” from England, but the DVD could be PAL (or have area coding I couldn’t work with) – and may not play in my 5.1 set-up.  The Japanese disc was NTSC and “All” NTSC area coding.  The 2 x CD’s in the package (original mix, and ’09 mix plus bonus tracks) are SHM-CD’s, as well.  Nice big booklet, too!

I guess the conclusion that I have reached about SA-CD’s is that:

a)     the stereo only ones are about the mastering

b)     the multi-channel ones are about…the multi-channel mixing

I can’t really reach a conclusion about DVD-A titles, as I don’t have enough of them to really…begin to see any patterns emerge.  I’d like to find more of them, like:

THE BAND – Last Waltz


DAVID BOWIE – David Live

ERIC CLAPTON – There’s One In Every Crowd

B.J. COLE – Trouble In Paradise

ALICE COOPER – Billion Dollar Babies

DEEP PURPLE – Machine Head

DONOVAN – Fairytale

THE DOORS – L.A. Woman


THE FIXX – 1011 Woodland

PORCUPINE TREE – Stupid Dreams

QUEEN – A Night At The Opera

QUEEN – The Game

TOY MATINEE – Toy Matinee

YES – Fragile

NEIL YOUNG – Harvest

NEIL YOUNG – On The Beach

NEIL YOUNG – Greendale

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