Quad LP’s / Quad 8-track tapes


Quad LP’s / Quad 8-track tapes

This has really been a multi-channel week, thus far!  I am still diggin’ my Sony DAV-DZ170 5.1 Set-up.  Yes, it’s a small 5.1 set-up, but it sounds OK to me.  I suppose I can always add better speakers…maybe some Art Audio little white speakers…

In the 70’s, both my brother and father went for Quad.  My brother had a Sansui quadraphonic receiver, but I don’t think he ever particularly went for quad LP’s or tapes.  I think he had a reverb (to make a quad listening field?).  My dad had a quad Pioneer receiver, and he bought a Panasonic Quad 8-track Tape player!

I have my Frank Zappa quad 8-track tapes.  But I don’t think I ever went for anything else.  My current collection has a few quad LP’s – but – without a decoder – no way to play ‘em in quad anymore!  My most-treasured quad LP?  Jethro Tull “Aqualung”, with the really re-recorded “Wind Up”!

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” has really made the format rounds:  LP, Quad LP, cassette, 8-track tape, quad 8-track tape, reel-to-reel, half-speed mastered LP, CD, re-mastered CD, SA-CD…is there any other format it’s been done on that I’ve missed?  There’s isn’t a Mini-disc for it, however.  “Wish You Were Here” had quite a few variants as well – LP, half-speed mastered LP, cassette, 8-track tape, reel-to-reel, CD, re-mastered CD, Mini-disc…

The reason quad failed in the 70’s: too many formats – SQ, QS, Discrete, CD-4…what if you had the wrong decoder on the wrong LP?  Quad reel-to-reels were few & far in between – I bet they were expensive – and probably they were they only way it (the format) ever had a decent discrete quad sound!

Since a year ago August, I started focusing on Super Audio CD’s.  Even without having knowledge of multi-channel amusement, I could easily hear their improved frequency response – likely due in large part to DSD mastering (Direct Stream Digital).  Getting to discover the multi-channel aspect of SA-CD’s has been astonishing, and fun.  It makes me want to stop being concerned with ones that are merely ‘stereo only’, and just get multi-channel surround ones!

And as you could tell from yesterday’s post, I am a bit disappointed in the audio on Music DVD’s – absolutely no consistency!  Some sound great, others – bleh!

Guess I’m just a ‘format baby’:  LP, reel-to-reel, cassette, 8-track, CD, Mini-disc, DVD…

Yeah yeah yeah…just stick with stereo, you moron!

My, but those King Crimson 5.1 mixes on DVD-Audio do sound fine!

Here endeth the lesson. Clean out your ears, and focus on whatever sounds good to you!

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