Audio on Music DVD’s


Audio on Music DVD’s

Well since getting my Sony DAV-DZ170 set-up, I’ve been having a ball playing my multi-channel SA-CD’s and DVD-Audio discs.  So, I started to try to get into the 100 or so music DVD’s that I have.  How many different ways can the companies say what the audio set-up is? Use any combination of these:  Dolby Digital DTS 5.1 Surround

So, I literally go through 75% of my Music DVD’s – and the good ones (sound-wise) that I come up with are:

PINK FLOYD – The Wall (’99 version) good multi-channel audio

QUEEN – Greatest Video Hits 1 (2 disc vers.) good multi-channel DTS audio

THE BEATLES – Yellow Submarine (film) nice 5.1 multi-channel audio

DAFT PUNK – Intastella 5555 (film) good multi-channel audio

PETER GABRIEL – Play – The Videos (apparently remixed to multi-channel audio)

NIAGARA – Flammes (French pop with nice multi-channel audio)

CAN – Can DVD (only a few multi-channel 5.1 remixes here, but they’re rather good)

But I have TONS more than this!  Lots of ‘em say “5.1 Audio” – but the DAV-DZ170 says they’re Dolby Digital 2.0 (i.e. stereo, with some reverb on the rear channels).  I really wish more music DVD’s had good multi-channel audio!  Anybody know of any to recommend to me?

I really thought more of them would have carefully remixed multi-channel audio.  I know most artists aren’t thinking about multi-channel while playing live, but…of the ones listed above, the Peter Gabriel title is probably the most impressive – it actually says that there are new 5.1 mixes of stuff; and very few of Peter Gabriel’s SA-CD are multi-channel – mostly, the ones I have are all stereo-only SA-CD’s (except for “Up”).

And I’d really love to get more into DVD-Audio, but…the ones I seem to want are all out of print, unavailable (except for a collector’s premium)…

Where can I find ‘nice price’ DVD-Audio discs for:

THE BAND – Last Waltz


ALICE COOPER – Billion Dollar Babies

DEEP PURPLE – Machine Head


PORCUPINE TREE – Stupid Dreams

QUEEN – A Night At The Opera

TOY MATINEE – Toy Matinee (DTS)

YES – Fragile

These are all said to exist as DVD-Audio titles.  Any idea where I can find ‘em, reasonably priced?

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