Back to the video vault…


Back to the video vault…

I really must get back to the job of processing my videotape collection onto DVD-R.  At the beginning of the month, I cleared away a space in front of the analogue TV in the living room where the DVD recorder (with the hard drive) is hooked up.

As some of you may know, my digital standards converter died a while back.  That’s right!  The magic box I bought in Japan in ’94 finally took it’s swan song bow.  And until it’s replacement arrives…

What I am concentrating on at present is trying to get everything off of the million beta hi-fi tapes that I have.  If the Sony SuperBeta hi-fi SLHF-2100 croaks, I’m out of business!

For 2011, the first five things I have generated DVD-R’s for are:

1)     The Art Of Noise (67 minute reel; music videos, UK TV live and interviews – made from a BI(S) master, which was made from SuperBeta hi-fi, VHS hi-fi and PAL VHS that was x-fer’d; there might even be some clips in stereo from ¾” U-Matic!)

2)     “Bottom” (Series 3) BBC ’95, Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmundson (6 x 30 min.)

3)     Sammy Davis Jr. “Essence” profile / interview ’87, approx. 30 min.

4)     Barry Humphries’ “Flashbacks” 2 episodes (x 45 min.) (1950’s & 1960’s), Australian TV

5)     1986 / 7 reel

a)     Two On The Town (Las Vegas special)

b)     “Dr. Science” (PBS, ‘Ducks Breath Mystery Theatre’)

c)      “California Stories” (PBS)

d)     “Mighty Pawns” (PBS drama)

So, this is what’s on the hard drive at the moment.  The Sammy profile is short, so I might try to find something to add to it (that live Japanese Beta or maybe the Mod Squad episode with Sammy in it).

In a few days, I’ll go out to the garage and get another box or two of betas, and see if I can find anything else of interest.  Might try to start building a music video reel, which I believe would be “Vol. 15”, in my chronology.  We’ll see.

It’s lonely work going through a video collection the size of what I have here.  The cartons are heavy, and not all of them have interesting stuff therein.  What do I do with betas that are no longer required?  Can I recycle them in LA / Long Beach?  Or is it time for the garbage can?

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3 Responses to Back to the video vault…

  1. Warren Bowman says:

    I still think the Betas could be super-glued into a lovely chaise-lounge. Uh, you still have “The Name Of The Game”, right?

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    I have as many of them as CBS showed as “The Late Show” – with only one ‘incomplete’ – just can’t lay my hands on ’em. The Sammy one is called “I Love You, Billy Baker”.

    If you have the schematic / ‘plans’ to build a chair / chaise-lounge – I’d love to see it. I don’t think I’d want to improvise it!

    • NOTGGUY says:


      I just found your blog. Your blog is the greatest find of the year! I take it that you are like me, a rabid Name Of The Game fan who has been waiting forever for the series to be released on DVD?

      >>I have as many of them (Name Of The Game) as CBS showed as “The Late Show” – with only >>one ‘incomplete’ – just can’t lay my hands on ‘em. The Sammy one is called “I Love You, Billy >>Baker”.

      I am a member of the one and only Name Of The Game group on Yahoo. Would you be willing to trade or sell Name Of The Game episodes? Price is no object, members our “Name of The Game” Yahoo group could also offer you other series on video in trade if you are interested.

      We urgently need as many of these episodes as you have:

      Lola In Lipstick
      The Revolutionary
      The Suntan Mob
      Lady On The Rocks
      The Emmisary
      The Civilized Men
      High Card
      The Skin Game
      Echo Of A Nightmare
      One Of The Girls In research
      Battle At gannon’s Bridge
      The Enemy Before Us
      I Love You, Billy Baker (parts 1 &2)
      Aquarius Descending
      A Sister From napoli
      The Man Who Killed A Ghost
      SeeK And Destroy
      The Savage Eye (complete)
      The Broken Puzzle

      Please let me know if this is possible or if you would like to join our Yahoo group!


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