SA-CD’s not dead!


SA-CD’s Not Dead!

On January 6th, Sony announced 8 new Blu-ray players that support the SA-CD disc system.  The Sony press release states:

The full HD 1080p new Blu-ray Disc™ line includes four stand alone models (BDP-S780, BDP-S580, BDP-S480, and BDP-S380) and three integrated home theater systems (BDV-E780W, BDV-E580, and BDV-E280), as well as a 5.1 channel home theater audio system (HT-SS380). All of the models play back DVD, CD and SA-CD discs in addition to Blu-ray Discs.

This is excellent news for those of us who have been buying all the SA-CD’s we can find.  It will be cool to have a modern DVD player that plays SA-CD’s; perhaps I might finally get to hear some of my DVD-Audio discs!

And Universal (and WEA) Japan are certainly keeping up with the SA-CD releases in Japan.  Titles I never thought possible either exist now – or will shortly – for instance, Caravan “In The Land of Grey and Pink”.  I bet this sounds amazing, when re-mastered in DSD ( = Direct Stream Digital ) in Tokyo, for Universal Japan.

In the other room, I have 4 cartons of SA-CD’s, including almost the only classical titles I own (lots of Mercury “Living Presence” and RCA “Living Stereo” titles).  Even with my Sony SCD-CE595 SA-CD player, I can definitely hear how good some of this material sounds.

Mobile Fidelity seems to be doing lots of DSD-Mastered hybrid SA-CD’s these days.  Of their more recent releases, I have gone for several titles by The Band.  My close associates know that I was never all that fond of The Band, so it’s a treat for me to hear some of their albums for the very first time from a nicely DSD-Mastered SA-CD – but where’s the 2nd album by The Band as an SA-CD, Brad?

While I wait for the Japanese to get busy and Analogue Productions to re-release more rock catalogue titles on SA-CD – I have the aforementioned cartons of SA-CD’s in the other room, awaiting the installation of a 5.1 system – once I can get my living room cleaned up a bit.  All the Rolling Stones Decca / London titles, the first 6/7 Moody Blues titles, many good Bob Dylan titles, almost all my favorite Elton John albums, and lots of neat one-offs!

Am I going to buy any Blu-ray discs?  There have been some interesting Blu-Spec CD’s in Japan, mostly from Sony Japan (YMO!).  Blu-ray movies?  I think the Criterion folks have some good titles available as Blu-rays, but…haven’t really read of any film titles as Blu-ray discs that make me want to rush out and buy a Blu-ray player.

I really hadn’t planned on introducing any more formats to the ‘format war’ of Beta, VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, CD, SA-CD, MD, cassette etc. Hmmm…

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2 Responses to SA-CD’s not dead!

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I go as far as DVD. That’s it for me. End of the line. I stopped watching TV in 1993. All of my video, except the 50 or so DVDs I have bought in the last dozen years is in analog, SD format; ergo no need for HDTV. No HDTV, no blu-ray. It’s simple! When my analog TV dies, I suppose I’ll be able to get another one cheap at the Goodwill.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    My analogue PAL/ NTSC TV sits silently in my room these days. I literally do not watch TV at home. Sometimes, we can watch TV on DVD @ Dorothy’s, but…no more TV for me. Speaking of that, want a dub of my Art of Noise reel? 67 minutes, all their videos and a few interviews, live on UK TV etc. It’s not the VHS tape of the live show, but something I assembled years ago…

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