Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin


Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin

This may come as old news to some regular readers of this blog, but I have recently been listening to my vinyl and CD collections of Stewart & Gaskin, and enjoying it immensely.

CD BIG IDEA, THE                                                              RYKODISC US  RCD 20172

1990 10 TRKS CD-only release

7″ BUSY DOING NOTHING                                             BROKEN UK      BROKEN 5

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ LEIPZIG / RICH FOR A DAY                                        BROKEN UK      BROKEN 6

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ SIAMESE CAT SONG                                                   BROKEN UK      BROKEN 4

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD SPIN                                                                                RYKODISC US  RCD 20213

1991 11 TRKS CD-only release

CD UP FROM THE DARK                                                  RYKODISC US  RCD 10011

1986 14 TRKS CD-only release


1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve; Colin Blunstone is the featured vocalist on this title

Yes, there are more titles available, no I don’t have them.  Apparently, they are again active, after some years of inactivity.  http://www.davebarb.demon.co.uk/

I got some of the 45’s when they were released originally.  I had been following Dave Stewart through his stints in Egg, Khan, Hatfield & The North and National Health.  He’s certainly an amazing keyboard player.  And I already knew Barbara Gaskin as one of the “Northettes” (she was a backing vocalist on both Hatfield & The North’s works and the superlative Egg title “The Civil Surface”).

The 3 CD’s listed here (all on Rykodisc, for the US market) were all “CD only” releases.  If there were LP’s, I never saw them.  And I still can’t find BROKEN 3 (“Johnny Rocco” 45) or “The Locomotion” (BROKEN 7).

Ah, one forgets that music this sophisticated / entertaining was being made in the 1980’s!

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4 Responses to Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin

  1. Brian Ware says:

    I’m a big Dave and Barbara fan. I highly recommend their latest batch of CDs available from their website. Brand new music as well as a great rarities collection and reissues of the first two Ryko CDs with bonus tracks. Elegant, whimsical progressive pop music.

  2. David Z says:

    All I know of them is the “It’s My Party” 45. I really like “Waiting In The Wings”. Thanks for reminding me of DS/BG!

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    I remember buying “Up From The Dark” but I can’t remember exactly why. I know I hadn’t heard any of it, prior. Maybe I read a review and was intrigued. I was certainly aware of their big hit cover of “It’s My Party” from UK pop mags of the era but it never hit my ears until I bought that 1st Ryko CD. I sure never saw any vinyl in the stores. Their music feels so good; it engages the left and right hemispheres of the brain at once for maximum stimulation.

  4. ronkanefiles says:

    It’s definitely good stuff. All 3 x US Rykodiscs are worth owning; usually they are available inexpensively (in cut-out bins). I think they were unusual at the time, being “CD only” releases.

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