Christmas Memories


“Christmas Memories”

Here’s a few chestnuts for Christmas…likely Xmas 1970, there were some records that I wanted, but…too expensive to just ask my dad for ‘em.  Notably George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” – it hovered around the $9 price point, I believe – way out of my ballpark.  I did make it known that I wanted this album.

I do not now remember how I decided to actually searching our house for potential “Christmas Presents” – old enough to know that Santa Claus had very little to do with stuff that I wanted, I just knew my dad was hiding something for me…somewhere in the house.  I found the “All Things Must Pass” triple-LP boxed set in his dresser drawer (the drawer beneath where I used to steal his pocket change, at times).  Aah! I was going to get what I wanted!

Being a Triple-LP, it took some time to play it all.  The first two albums were pretty much straight-forward George Harrison pop songs, ‘lavishly’ produced by Phil Spector.  But that 3rd album, “Apple Jam”?  Hmmm…  Who are some of these people?  How recently had it been “Johnny’s Birthday”?  (Oh, October 9th!)  They’re just jamming, folks.  I guess it didn’t matter if it wasn’t a very long album…nice poster!

This album will always be inextricably linked to Christmas for me.  Perhaps I’ll get out and finally play the remixed / re-tooled CD boxed set of it this Christmas.

Another Christmas memory – waking up in Las Vegas on Christmas morning – bitterly hung-over, exhausted from a night of drinking and gambling – and some moron in the room next to us was playing Paul Revere & The Raiders “Greatest Hits” a bit too loud – Kicks do, indeed, keep getting harder to find.  I was restrained, I did not go next door and bang on their door and read ‘em the riot act.  I think what we did was to go to an International House of Pancakes for breakfast and gamble a little bit more, before getting on the long road home.

After my childhood, I don’t remember very many Christmas day activities occurring between the two above described events – but they must be at least 15 years apart.  As with many holidays, I always knew that Tower Records would be open, if I felt like record shopping on Christmas day.

I have also spent Christmas in New Zealand, Holland, Japan and (most recently) Singapore!  Now that was a fun Christmas – botanical gardens in the morning, Indonesian lunch on Orchard Road – and a reservation at Raffles Hotel for “High Tea” – followed by a walk through Little India in search of a spice shop!  Now that’s a real interesting Christmas!

This year, I am at home for Christmas.  Mom is still alive, at 90 – and she knows who she is and where she is.  I will see Dorothy later today, and we have a bit of running around to do before I go back to my office on Tues. 1/4/11.

I will be taking a short break from blogging.  All will resume as normal on Monday 1-3-11 – Imagine that!  2011! Numerologists’ delight:  1-11-11!

2010 has been an amazing year for Music Purchases; lots of 45’s, some SA-CD’s, even some Minidiscs!

How many record stores will close in 2011?  How many will open in 2011?

I understand that when the postmaster general retires, he will abolish Saturday delivery and raise the rates once again.  Drat!

For some of my Xmas vacation, I will be visiting the San Francisco bay area.  Always nice to visit the Amoebas up there; the Streetlight stores, the Rasputin’s stores etc.  I hope they all have a prosperous 2011 and remain in business for me to visit!

The “Time Machine” series has been enormously popular and I am happy to announce that it will increase in frequency, around April of 2011.  That’s right, folks – I found my notes!  I have dozens of Phonolog sheets from 1971 – 1972!

So, what will we all listen to in 2011?  What will we collect – continue to collect?

We never like to lose any players in our chosen pass-time – so, goodbye to Ari Up, Tuli Kupferberg, Bo Hansson, Captain Beefheart, Rowland S. Howard…all of these artists meant a lot to me.  I actually got to meet Rowland S. Howard, back about ’83 or so – everyone else, I admired from afar – Tuli Kupferberg since I was a child!  I think I am missing 1 x Hansson & Karlsson LP and possibly 1 x solo Bo Hansson album.  I’ll get there one day!

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