Preparing for a trip…


Preparing for a trip…

Lately, I have been preparing for a trip.  That’s right, after Xmas, we will drive up to San Francisco for a week’s visit.  Preparation for a trip includes making various artists CD’s that nobody will object to; preparing boxes of CD’s to trade in @ Amoebas Berkeley and S.F.; getting the bottled water in; necessary research in finding where the best coffee is being sold in S.F. etc.

However, this year I have it easy.  Ever travel with “Books on Tape”?  For our driving pleasure, this trip I have obtained John Waters “Role Models”, a 6CD set of the author reading his work.  Wow, that ought to keep us busy as we drive towards San Jose!

Having been home all week, I feel like I have tied up a lot of loose ends:  I did all my laundry etc.  So, I’m ready for some time away from the ranch.

After tomorrow’s post, I will be away until Monday 1/3/11.  I hope everybody has a nice Christmas and a smashing new year’s eve / new year’s day.  2011 should be an amusing year.

Got any big plans for 2011?  It will be the 40th anniversary of 1971!  No big trips are on the books – but likely we will go to some old favorites again – San Francisco, Portland, Las Vegas etc.

Still trying to write a book – but I am a bit undecided over what direction / style it will take.  The tentative title is “200 Years of Record Collector Glory” – but is it a research paper / romance novel / comic book?  Will there be characters or merely titles, labels & numbers?  The jury is still out.  What do you think?  A tale of feudal Nishi-Shinjuku honor?  Burgess Meredith as the last person on Earth, only to realize he’s gone deaf?

The new album from my band, The Decayes, should be released shortly.  It will be available only in Japan and will be titled “Aquarium” (but in Japanese, of course).  It’s our first album since the mid-1980’s!  Sadly, there is no more ‘music industry’ for us to shun.  Likely someone will post our album on the internet (for free), so nobody will have to buy (or own) anything they don’t want to.  All music is free, right?

Tip of the cap to regular readers Jim D, Brian W, Dana M (“Big D”), Warren B, Ken H, David Z etc.  Caledonia Mahogany’s Elbows to Rick S.

You guys are why I keep writing this stuff!  More to come…

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3 Responses to Preparing for a trip…

  1. Dana Madore says:

    Ronster! Thanks for the “tip o’ the hat” (I think I’ve only see you wear a hat once in the 40 years I’ve known you!). Hope you have a great holiday. On your trip, please drive careful, enjoy the sights and sounds and have a great big strong cuppa for me!
    Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger,
    Dana (the Big D… obviously!)

  2. Brian Ware says:

    2010 has been most interesting, and we have no reason to think that 2011 won’t be just as full of adventure both musical and otherwise. Have a great trip, best regards to Dorothy, and we’ll catch up again next year.


  3. David Z says:

    And a tip of the Zimbo Sombrero back atcha. Happy Holidays.

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