Time Machine 1970 #10


Time Machine 1970 #10

40 years ago!! Strange Days magazine in Japan is keeping up with it’s “Time Machine” series, which I find quite interesting.

Strange Days 2010.12 lists “October 1970 Albums” as: Led Zeppelin “Led Zeppelin III” (Atlantic UK 2401 002); Genesis “Trespass” (Charisma UK CAS 1020); Pink Floyd “Atom Heart Mother” (Harvest UK SHVL 781); Kevin Ayers and the Whole World “Shooting At The Moon” (Harvest UK SHSP 4005); Incredible String Band “U” (Elektra UK 2665 001 – double LP!); Dr. Strangely Strange “No Heavy Petting” (Vertigo UK 6360 009); Bob Dylan “New Morning” (Columbia US KC 30290); Frank Zappa “Chunga’s Revenge” (Reprise / Bizarre MS 2030); Tim Buckley “Lorca” (Elektra UK 2410 005).

Yet another month where I certainly know all of these; I presently own 8 of the 9 titles (no go on the Tim Buckley).

I actually got an English copy of “Led Zeppelin III” right about the time it came out, with a red / purple label, nice glossy cover etc.  I hadn’t yet tired of them.  It’s probably my favorite LZ album, to this day – but I do not listen to them.

I came back and got “Trespass” by Genesis, after hearing the next few albums, so I noted the US issue on Impulse at the time.  I got “Atom Heart Mother” as a US pressing, but…didn’t really ‘get it’ – and sold it off fairly quickly.  I re-bought it as a Quad LP, a while back, happy to own it for it’s Ron Geesin content.  I also didn’t get the Kevin Ayers record right away, but I got it around the time I got “Bananamour” within a few short years.  (I just got a 4CD set of Ayers “Songs For Insane Times”).  I’d been listening to the Incredible String Band ever since “Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter”, so I did get a US copy of “U”, but it took a while.  My ISB fandom heated up again with “Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air” in ’72.

I had found an Island UK LP of “Kip Of The Serenes” by Dr. Strangely Strange, so I was (and am) a great fan of this fine (mostly) Irish band.  I no longer own an LP of “No Heavy Petting”, but I do possess a lovely Japanese re-pro paper sleeve CD of it.

I like Bob Dylan a lot better now than I did then.  While I got and kept “New Morning”, it was never my favorite album of his.  I loved “Chunga’s Revenge” from the start – even the Flo & Eddie vocals.  Lovely stuff, a great Zappa solo album – I even have a copy where the cover is in Spanish: “La Venganza de Chunga”!

Last and certainly least for me is the departed minstrel himself, Tim Buckley.  I never quite got the message about his singing voice, but I do keep original copies of his first few Elektra albums in 2010.  I seriously doubt I ever even heard “Lorca” – it was neither British nor progressive rock, which was what I was listening to in October, 1970.

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