Once Upon A Time (in 1988)


Once Upon A Time (1988)

The man in today’s photo is approx. 30 years of age.  The T-shirt is for the debut LP from Schnell Fenster, “The Sound of Trees”.  The road is the North 101, right before you get to Salinas (or thereabouts).  We had seen a bunch of vegetables on the side of the road, so roadside portraits were taken.  Mine has survived!

In 1988, I would’ve likely been on the road to visit Mark Moerman in San Jose, CA.  Mark and I had been friends for a while already, and we were always up for visiting a myriad of record stores, in whatever locality we happened to encounter one another (and we still are, whenever I visit Portland, OR, as Mark now lives in Vancouver, WA).

In 1988, CD’s had been on the block for a few years.  It wasn’t quite time for genuinely inexpensive CD’s; one of my scams was finding $1 CD singles in L.A. and selling them in San Francisco, for $4-$6 each!  Tower Records was still very important in 1988; and there was not yet any Amoeba stores!

In 1988, my last international trip has been to Australia and New Zealand in 1987.  My next international trip would be to England in 1989 – making plans for my 1990 move to England.  I do not believe I was “fully employed” in 1988 – so I may have been visiting Lite-A-Line with Joe Castle a lot, too.

Somewhere, I believe I made a stop-motion videotape (8mm perhaps?) of “My First 100 Compact Discs” – how many of those do I still own today?  Not many, I’d bet!  It took ages for me to ‘warm’ to compact discs; in 1988, there were still numerous Frank Zappa titles yet to make it to CD!  And let’s face it – those mono-only Beatles CD’s were not so enticing, back then.

And in 1988, we were all watching music videos on TV, eh?  A few short years earlier, my dad and brother had erected a C-Band satellite dish on our roof – and I regularly viewed MuchMusic, out of Canada (Anik D6)!  C’mon, I probably sent everybody reading this at least one “City Limits” aircheck, didn’t I?  Laserdisc was the ‘cadillac’ of video formats – but we somehow never found a Laserdisc recorder, did we?

This is rather juicy, trying to find some pleasant nostalgia for an age where I was rather under-utilized.  However, it was a walk in the park compared to what happened in the 1990’s (divorce; depression; more under-employment; redemption; discovery of new girlfriend, new job etc.)

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