Klaus Schulze


Klaus Schulze

I actually started with Klaus Schulze around the time of “Irrlicht”, his debut solo album.  I had no trouble keeping up with his releases for a while, but eventually I was overwhelmed; I have not purchased any of his multiple-disc CD boxed sets!

LP IRRLICHT                      OHR DE                        OMM 556.022

1972 3 TRKS insert

CD IRRLICHT                      ARCANGELO JPN      ARC-7263

1972 4 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’07 issue) kami sleeve

CDx2 CYBORG                        A.V.I. FR                         AVICD 2002

1973 4 TRKS (’86 issue)

LPx2 CYBORG                        KOSMIS GER               KM 2/58.005

1973 4 TRKS


1974 2 TRKS (’90 issue)

LP PICTURE MUSIC          BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1067

1974 2 TRKS

CD BLACK DANCE             VIRGIN UK                    CDCA 2003

1974 3 TRKS

LP BLACK DANCE             BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1051

1974 3 TRKS

CD TIMEWIND                     VIRGIN UK                    CDCA 2006

1975 2 TRKS

LP TIMEWIND                     BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1075

1975 2 TRKS

CD MOONDAWN                 MAGNUM US                MACD 067

1976 2 TRKS (’96 issue)

LP MOONDAWN                 BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1088

1976 2 TRKS

LP MIRAGE                          BRAIN DE                     60.004

1977 2 TRKS

CD MIRAGE re                     SPV DE                         085-304032CD

1977 3 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’05 issue)

LP BODY LOVE (O.S.T.)    METRONOME DE       60.047

1977 3 TRKS

LP BODY LOVE Vol. 2        BRAIN DE                     60.097

1977 3 TRKS

CD BODY LOVE Vol. 2 re   SPV DE                         SPV 78852

1977 4 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’07 issue)

LPx2 X                                       BRAIN DE                     80.023

1978 6 TRKS booklet

CDx2 X                                       BRAIN DE                     833627.2

1978 6 TRKS

LP DUNE                             BRAIN DE                     60.225

1979 2 TRKS

CD DIG IT                              BRAIN DE                     811632.2

1980 4 TRKS DDD

To keep things digital, I would like to find inexpensive CD’s for “Body Love” (#1) and “Dune”.  I have a few more titles than this, but…this was about how far I took things contiguously.  My LP’s are all German original issues, up to “Dune” – original covers, inserts etc.  Almost 40 years hence, I still think “Irrlicht” is a superlative work, the equal of any other German LP in 1972.  I don’t imagine it was created with young listeners particularly in mind, but we were there – I wasn’t quite 15 years of age, when I discovered this material.  Thanks goodness my brother lived in Germany and could send me this stuff!

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2 Responses to Klaus Schulze

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Artists who are too prolific! Now there’s a topic! Frank Zappa. Robert Fripp. Bill Nelson. Prince? And now Klaus Schulze. He’s the only one on that list who’s not a guitarist. What’s up with that? I really like Bill Nelson but at a certain point in the 90s he just went into hyperdrive – going from 2-3 to 5-6 albums a year and I flat out couldn’t keep up. I’ve got the 23/25 albums he released from 1980-1992 but after that… I’ve only gotten 1/54 other albums!!!!! 2002 was particularly robust for Bill; he managed to release 8 albums! How many artists can even manage 8 singles in a year?!!!


  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Add Mike Oldfield to that list of artists. Generally speaking, I try to give artists “the ten year rule” (for me to pay attention). It used to not be ten years; I am largely a big fan of contiguous sets of original releases by an artist within their “sell-by” date – with Klaus Schulze, it happened to be his first 10 albums (in roughly 7 years). But then – all of a sudden – He had his I.C. label, and there were lots of LP’s to buy, not all of which were equally edifying. 30+ years later, I get back on the track and find a few inexpensive CD re-issues…

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