Procol Harum – “Home”


Procol Harum – “Home”

I confess that it was the absence of Procol Harum’s “Home” LP in my collection that lead me down the path of re-buying much of my somewhat extensive vinyl collection, beginning in roughly 1997.  I was discussing “Home” with a friend, and I wondered if the CD issue that I currently possessed had the interior photo of the US A&M version – or the same info as on the insert of the UK Regal Zonophone issue.  It did not.

I went to my US / UK wall of LP’s and – “Home” was missing; I had sold it / traded it earlier in a fit of blithering idiocy.  Well, I figured “What kind of collector am I if I don’t have a “complete” version of one of my favorite albums?”

In 2010, I presently own:

HOME                    A&M US                             SP-4261                              LP

1970 9 TRKS US original issue

HOME                    REGAL ZO UK                 SLRZ 1014                         LP

1970 9 TRKS UK original issue, insert

HOME                    JVC/CUBE JPN               VICP-61312                        CD

1970 17 TRKS (’01 issue) (8 x bonus tracks) kami sleeve

Oddly, I now also have an edited 45 of “Whisky Train” (A&M US 1218).  I re-bought both US & UK original LP’s and I upgraded my EU CD of “Home” on Castle to a Japanese JVC version, with a paper sleeve and bonus tracks.

I really like this album a lot.  It’s not my favorite Procol Harum LP, but it’s a damned good one (I like both the debut album and “A Salty Dog” a bit better).  It’s album #4 and the next-to-last album with guitarist Robin Trower.

I could definitely be sold this album yet again!  Bring on an SA-CD, or Mobile Fidelity DSD mastered version!  Perhaps it could be re-done in Japan with more anatomically correct artwork, and a replica insert (no doubt as an SHM-CD)?

The bonus tracks on the 2001 Japanese JVC version are “Rockin’ Warm-Up / Go Go Go (Move On Down The Line)”, “The Dead Man’s Dream (Take 7)”, “Still There’ll Be More” (Instrumental, Take 3”, “About To Die (Instrumental, Takes 1 & 2)”, “Barnyard Story (Take 4, remix)”, “Piggy Pig Pig (Take 2, remix)”, “Your Own Choice (Take 14, remix)” and “Whaling Stories (Take 2)”.  Odd – no alternate takes or remixes for “Whiskey Train” or “Nothing That I Didn’t Know”!

Originally released in 1970, I had been following Procol Harum for a while, when “Home” first walked down the midway.  It’s as rock-solid as British rock music gets – it belongs in almost anyone’s collection.  Certainly not the Procol Harum album to miss.

Still, There’ll Be More…

Back on 12/1/2010!  Cheerio!

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