Recent Activity


Recent Activity

So, it’s been an interesting fall around here.  In September, Amoeba Music in Hollywood got a huge collection of paper sleeve CD’s – and I lucked out!  I got some great Blue Note titles and the searched-for-but-not-found (in Japan) Buggles paper sleeve.  Cool!

I am still working on my collection of titles on the Realworld label.  My rule of thumb is that if I don’t think I have it and it’s $2.99 or less – I just buy it – irregardless of what kind of music it is.  I have recently added titles by the Guo Brothers and Nursat Fateh Ali Khan to this collection.  When I finally retire at 55, will I be able to listen to my dozens of Realworld CD’s – in a CD changer?

Been on a Steppenwolf kick lately.  I now have 4 of their albums on CD, as well as a “Best of” CD – I’ve had LP’s of everything (contiguous ’68 – ’71) for ages.  Now here’s a group where the hits were HITS and the albums tracks were…filler?

And there’s sort of been a bit of a run on jazz CD’s lately – starting with the Blue Note paper sleeves – I also have found inexpensive CD’s by the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report!  I avoided this stuff like the plague in the 70’s!

Also back at work on trying to crack 200 titles in the Universal “Millennium Collection” series, recently adding titles by Connie Francis, Bob Wills and Sammy Davis Jr.  This is a series I positively couldn’t even work on, unless my Palm list was functioning perfectly!  As these pieces all look alike…

I even bought a factory-made pre-recorded MiniDisc recently!  Bob Dylan “Blood On The Tracks”!  After playing this, I played my SA-CD of “Desire”, and wrote about it recently.

At a ‘new’ record collector swap meet in August, I found a bunch of 45’s by The Coasters – 8 titles to my list!  However, being a 50’s / 60’s R&B band – there are probably 15 or 20 more that I need to try and find – at least one of which is going to be impossible (their faux-Northern Soul 45).

So, I still find stuff in stores and at swap meets that adds to my permanent collection.  I’ve really laid off of mail-ordering stuff as of late – mostly due to my not having sold anything on eBay lately – and my PayPal account is not bulging at present.

So, what’s bugging me?  I want to finish up my Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass CD collection.  I think I’m just missing “What Now My Love” from the original contiguous set on CD now.  Would love to find the live album by Grace Jones that I read about on a Dutch website some time ago.  Did the legit issue CD for the O.S.T. of “The Andromeda Strain” ever actually get released?  Why can’t I find any Telex CD’s?

The work of the record collector is never finished…Wombleton Records!!

p.s. I was told that Swing Journal, the masterful Japanese magazine about Jazz has ceased publication, after many years.  A sad day for Jazz people everywhere…

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