Writing to Record Companies


Writing to Record Companies

I started writing to record companies when I was about 11 or 12 years old.  Sitting here at 52 years old, I don’t remember my exact approach – perhaps I wrote inquiring about a specific record?  or a whole ‘line’ of records?  The letter posted today is from Phonogram in Chicago.

I am pretty sure I wrote to them asking which LP’s they were going to be releasing on their new Vertigo label.  I don’t think they sent me a catalogue or anything, just a form letter telling me “Thanks for your interest”.  The letter shown here is from 1971, approximately.

I also wrote to the Decca Record Company ltd. in London – no doubt asking about The Rolling Stones.  They sent me a lovely catalogue of Rolling Stones titles, right around the time of the “Stone Age” compilation.

I wrote to Island Records in London at least twice, as I have two sets of early 70’s UK Island catalogues in my possession.

When I wrote to Virgin Records in England, they sent me a giant poster for Gong “Angel’s Egg”!  They would put my inquiry around 1973 / 4.  I think before they were a big record label, they were a chain of record shops in England that had a mail-order service.

Speaking of mail-order, I remember ordering records from King Carol Records in New York City.  Somehow, I found out about them, and I wrote, requesting a catalogue, which duly arrived.  My ‘find’ from there was the first time I ever encountered The Dusk ‘Till Dawn Orchestra “Sea Drift” LP on Elektra Records – Mort Garson!

And, of course, I once ran a mail-order company, ANZ Imports.  Our specialty was vinyl from Australia and New Zealand.  Another ‘arm’ of the company sold Japanese-pressed Blue Note jazz LP’s (that were all out of print in the US in the 80’s).

So, mail-order has always had a presence in my record collecting universe.  I usually never hesitated to write to artists whose music I enjoyed.  I wrote to (and joined) countless ‘fan clubs’ over the years.  Recently, my It Bites fan club folder fell out of an LP copy of their 2nd album, when I opened it up – so, was 1989 the last time I joined an “Appreciation Society” for a band?  Maybe…

I am presently experimenting with an idea for a small mail-order record distributor that I would own and run.  I would only stock records / CD’s that I actually liked and / or could wholly recommend.  I would contact my artist friends directly, and request to distribute their stuff; I might also generate a small re-issue label – for stuff like Lavvi Ebbel and I Am Joe’s Music – artists that nobody else is likely to ever want to re-issue.  It’s just a thought at the moment, but… Just what the world needs: another record company.

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5 Responses to Writing to Record Companies

  1. Warren says:

    Ron Kane Record Company…yes, please!

  2. bob gaulke says:

    Vinyl only?

  3. RK says:

    Likely it would be a CD only company.

  4. bob gaulke says:

    SACD only?

  5. ronkanefiles says:

    If they were SA-CD’s, they would by hybrids that will play on any CD player. May not go there, however, as pre-mastering etc is quite expensive.

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