Audience / Howard Werth


Audience / Howard Werth

CD AUDIENCE (1969)                                                          REPERTOIRE DE   REP 5026

1969 15 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) (’05 issue)

LP AUDIENCE (1969)                                                          POLYDOR FR          2383 008

1969 12 TRKS 1st

7″ BELLA DONNA MOONSHINE / BIG SPELL, THE     PHILIPS NL              6073 300

1970? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″ EYE TO EYE / YOU’RE NOT SMILING                         PHILIPS NZ              6073 308

1972? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

CD FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS                                    CHARISMA UK         CASCD 1012

1970 9 TRKS (’92 issue) (1 x bonus track)

LP FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS                                    CHARISMA UK         CAS 1012

1970 8 TRKS 2nd

CD HOUSE ON THE HILL                                                   CAROLINE US         CAROL 1815.2

1971 9 TRKS (’91 issue)

LP HOUSE ON THE HILL                                                   ELEKTRA US           EKS-74100

1971 9 TRKS 3rd, insert

7″ I PUT A SPELL ON YOU / NANCY promo                  ELEKTRA US           EKS-45756

1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

7″ INDIAN SUMMER / IT BRINGS A TEAR promo         ELEKTRA US           EKS-45732

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

CD LUNCH                                                                             CHARISMA UK         CASCD 1054

1972 10 TRKS (’90 issue)

LP LUNCH                                                                             ELEKTRA US           EKS-75026

1972 10 TRKS 4th

LP REFLECTION – NOSTALGE (Collection)                  CHARISMA DE         9299 735

1975? 10 TRK Collection, ’70 – ’72 recordings

7″ STAND BY THE DOOR (mono / stereo) promo        ELEKTRA US           EK-45788

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

LP YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM (Collection)                              CHARISMA UK         CS 7

1973 11 TRK Collection

Howard Werth (solo)

7″ OBSOLETE / MANGOMAN (PS)                                   DANGERHOUSE     DH-101

1978 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ RESPECTABLE / LONELY AVENUE (PS)                  DEMON UK               D 1013

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

Howard Werth & The Moonbeams

LP KING BRILLIANT                                                             CHARISMA UK         CAS 1104

1975 9 TRKS

7″ MIDNIGHT FLYER (stereo) / (mono) promo              ROCKET US             PIG-40555

1975 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

So, there are 4 proper Audience albums – “House on the Hill” is a good place to start; the US edition of the LP (on Elektra) has a different track order (and quantity), which fortunately the CD issue replicates.  Not easy to find their albums on CD, though all 4 do exist.  After Werth’s first solo album “King Brilliant” (Charisma Records, with The Moonbeams), he oddly made a 45 for L.A. punk label Dangerhouse (“Obsolete”).  Not many UK prog rockers have that distinction!  I also remember hearing it said (30+ years ago) that Werth was to have auditioned to replace Peter Gabriel in Genesis!  Whether this actually happened or not is doubtful.  Apart from “House on the Hill”, I can also recommend either of Audience’s collection LP’s as a good place to start.  I’ve been lucky to find 5 singles by Audience.  “Indian Summer” is a great 45!

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5 Responses to Audience / Howard Werth

  1. bob gaulke says:

    …thanks for the tip!!! just ordered my cds…B

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Which one, “House on the Hill”? Mr. Werth is a fairly distinctive vocalist…

  3. bob gaulke says:

    “The House on The Hill” and “Lunch”…I’m a sucker for the Hipgnosis artwork :). B

  4. ronkanefiles says:

    Two good ones. If you really like ’em, go for the first two also! (No Hipgnosis artwork, however)

  5. postpunkmonk says:

    Actually, I’m only familiar with Audience because I used to own the Hipgnosis “Walk Away Renee” book.

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