Ryuichi Sakamoto (Works from 1999 – 2007)


Ryuichi Sakamoto (Works from 1999 – 2007)

CD #04                                                                               WARNER JPN           WPCL-10136

2004 14 TRKS

CD #05                                                                               WARNER JPN           WPCL-10222

2005 14 TRKS

CDx2 AUDIO LIFE                                                                 WARNER JPN           WPC6-10073/4

1999 9 TRKS “Life” Opera

CD BTTB                                                                            WARNER JPN           WPC6-10019

1999 16 TRKS

CD5 BTTB                                                                            WARNER JPN           WPC6-10022

1999 3 TRK CD Single CD5

CD CASA (w/ Morelenbaum)                                          WARNER JPN           WPC6-10145

2001 16 TRKS

CD CENDRE (w/ Christian Fennesz)                           COMMONS JPN        RZCM-45525

2007 11 TRKS

CD CHASM                                                                        WARNER JPN           WPCL-10072

2004 14 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks)

LP CHASM                                                                        WARNER JPN           WQJL-10002

2004 11 TRKS insert

CD CM/TV                                                                           WARNER JPN           WPC6-10244

2002 50 TRKS

CD COMICA                                                                       WARNER JPN           WPC6-10194

2002 6 TRKS

CD DAY IN NEW YORK, A (w/ Morelenbaum)             SONY CLASSICS      SK 80018

2003 11 TRKS

CD ELEPHANTISM                                                           WARNER JPN           WPC6-10211

2002 12 TRKS

CD FEMME FATALE (O.S.T.)                                           WARNER JPN           WPC6-10232

2002 14 TRKS

CD GOHATTO (O.S.T.)                                                     WARNER JPN           WPC6-10063

1999 21 TRKS

CD IN THE LOBBY                                                           WARNER JPN           WPC6-10124

2001 6 TRKS Live, London

CD L.O.L. LACK OF LOVE                                               WARNER JPN           WPC6-10086

2000 13 TRKS Sega Dreamcast

CDx2 LIFE IN PROGRESS                                                 WARNER JPN           WPC6-10035/6

1999 9 TRKS “Life” Opera

CD5 LOST CHILD                                                               WARNER JPN           WPC6-10085

2000 3 TRK CD Single CD5

CDx2 RAW LIFE OSAKA                                                      WARNER JPN           WPC6-10054/5

1999 9 TRKS W/ William S. Burroughs, Laurie Anderson etc.

CD SILK (O.S.T.)                                                               COMMONS JPN        RZCM-45721

2007 21 TRKS

CD5 UNDERCOOLED                                                       WARNER JPN           WPCL-70013

2004 2 TRK CD Single CD5 Cornelius

CD WORKS I – CM                                                            MIDI/SCHOOL JPN   MDCL-1437

2002 19 TRK Collection (’81 – ’84 recordings)

CD WORKS II – TV / INST.                                               MIDI/SCHOOL JPN   MDCL-1438

2002 13 TRK Collection (’80 – ’84 recordings)

CD5 WORLD CITIZEN(w/ David Sylvian)                       S SOUND UK            SS 002

2003 5 TRK CD Single CD5

CD ZERO LANDMINE (as “No More Landmines”)     WARNER JPN           WPC6-10126

2001 6 TRKS David Sylvian etc.

When Y.M.O. was active in the 80’s, even before the advent of the compact disc, I remember how the 3 members of Y.M.O. had so many solo records that it was nearly impossible to find out about and keep up with it.  Keyboard master Sakamoto-san continues apace, as this list today is only the last decade or so of his releases I have managed to find.

For fans of his song-based work – if you liked his 80’s albums, such as “Illustrated Music Encyclopedia” or “Futurista” the one I heartily recommend to you is “Chasm”, his 2004 album.  It didn’t get a full U.S. release, but I have found a promo-only U.S. CD for it.  I also got lucky finding a Japanese LP for it off of the internet for a very low price.

The “Life” opera CD’s have proved to be a bit of a tough listen for me, even with William S. Burroughs involvement.  Maybe if I had video of the event, it would make more sense to me?

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