Adriano Celentano


Adriano Celentano

I had always seen Adriano Celentano’s records in places that had “International” sections – Vogue Records in Westwood for example – or in Italian deli’s that had records.  But I never heard any – and by all accounts, he never had much to do with the world of progressive rock –so, I wasn’t around anybody who even knew who he was.

Towards the end of the 80’s, I met a wonderful man from Romania who could transfer my PAL VHS tapes to NTSC.  He knew who Celentano was!

CD NON MI DIR                                                           CGD ITALY                CDS 6065

1965 14 TRKS (’87 issue)

CD IL RAGAZZO DELLA VIA GLUCK                       CGD ITALY                CDS 6066

1966 14 TRKS (’87 issue)

LP SUPREMO                                                             U.A. INT USA            UN 14511

1966? 14 TRKS mono

CD LE ROBE CHA HA DETTO ADRIANO               CGD ITALY                CDS 6070

1969 12 TRKS (’87 issue)

CD IL FORESTIERO                                                   CGD ITALY                CDS 6072

1970 10 TRKS (’87 issue) Xmas


1970? 14 TRKS test pressing

CD I MALI DEL SECOLO                                            CGD ITALY                CDS 6067

1972 9 TRKS (’87 issue)

CD NOSTALROCK                                                      WEA/CLAN                9031-70209.2

1973 16 TRKS

LP SVALUTATION                                                      ARIOLA DE               27923 OT

1976 8 TRKS

CD TI AVRO’                                                                 WEA/CLAN                9031-74421.2

1978 6 TRKS

CD IL CONCERTO DI ADRIANO CELENTANO     WEA/CLAN                8573-81592.2

1979 17 TRKS Live 8/77

LP ADRIANO CELENTANO (1985)                         GCD DE                    207.026

1985 14 TRKS

CD HIT PARADE: LE VOLTE CHE…                        CGD ITALY                CDS 6015

1985 16 TRK Collection

CD IL RE DEGLI IGNORANTI                                   WEA/CLAN                9031-74439.2

1991 10 TRKS

CD IO NON SO PARLAR D’AMORE                         SONY/CLAN IT         497368.2

1999 12 TRKS

I think I hit the motherlode of Celentano CD’s about ’87 or so.  I had been a fan of Italian music for over a decade by that point, and the first album I listened to was “Non Mi Dir”, an early collection of 45’s.  Canzioni!  All of ‘em likely publisher’s demos.

Either one likes canzioni or not.  I do.  I have had fun pouring over ancient San Remo Festival various artist LP’s; Betty Curtis, Wilma Goich, Gianni Nazarro, Mina etc.  I admit I was surprised to see bands that I knew from the prog rock world with songs on San Remo Festival LP’s (i.e. New Trolls).

And, of course, dear old Adriano Celentano, who is still alive and kicking as of this writing.  Need to change the taste in your musical mouth?  Try some Celentano!

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2 Responses to Adriano Celentano

  1. bob gaulke says:

    Just amazing how well early rock and italian melodramatic vocals traditions blend. Also, there’s just something about his image that’s really appealing; the wise-guy/hustler self-taught dude.

  2. gian marco says:

    I’m a Celentano record collector from Italy. I have aquestion for you..
    Have yu still got the Records & Cds that you mentioned above?
    I’m interested to buy some of them… I will make you anhigh offer and of course I will replace your Cd collection with other CD (same title and other ones if you need).

    Please let me know

    Best regards

    gian marco

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