Kevin Ayers


Kevin Ayers

Once a member of The Soft Machine and a wonderful UK male vocal solo artist for over four decades, as of this writing.  His newest album, “The Unfairground” was released in 2007 – it’s magnificent!  Collections and singles not listed today.  I am still looking for a CD of “That’s What You Get babe” and a few of the original 80’s / 90’s titles.  As the recent EMI re-masters had good bonus track action, I didn’t go for his boxed set either.

CD ALIVE IN CALIFORNIA, BOP US                                                                          BOPCD 002

2004 15 TRKS Live ’93 – ’00

LP BANANAMOUR, HARVEST UK                                                                            SHVL 807

1973 9 TRKS UK original issue

CD BANANAMOUR, HARVEST UK                                                                            582780.2

1973 13 TRKS (’03 re-master) (4 x bonus tracks)

CD BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT, WINDSONG UK                                       WINCD 018

1992 9 TRKS Live, 1972

LP CONFESSIONS OF DR. DREAM, ISLAND UK                                                 ILPS 9263

1974 11 TRKS Rupert Hine

CD CONFESSIONS OF DR. DREAM, UNIVERSAL JPN                                       UICY-9531

1974 9 TRKS (’05 issue) kami sleeve (1 x bonus track)

LP DIAMOND JACK AND THE QUEEN OF PAIN, CHARLY UK                           CR 30224

1983 10 TRKS U.K. pressing

CDx2 DIDN’T FEEL LONELY… (The Island Albums), EDSEL UK                          MEDCD 749

2004 29 TRK Collection (’74-’75 recordings) incl. “June 1st”

CD FALLING UP, VIRGIN UK                                                                                      CDV 2510

1988 8 TRKS with Mike Oldfield

LP FALLING UP, VIRGIN DE                                                                                      208.915

1988 8 TRKS with Mike Oldfield

CD JOY OF A TOY, HARVEST UK                                                                              582776.2

1969 16 TRKS (’03 re-master) (6 x bonus tracks)

LP JUNE 1st, 1974 (Various Artists), ISLAND US                                                 ILPS 9291

1974 9 TRKS Live; with Eno, John Cale etc.

CD RAINBOW TAKEAWAY, BGO UK                                                                         BGOCD 189

1978 9 TRKS (’93 issue)

LP RAINBOW TAKEAWAY, HARVEST UK                                                               SHSP 4085

1978 9 TRKS U.K. pressing

CD SHOOTING AT THE MOON, HARVEST UK                                                       582777.2

1970 14 TRKS (’03 re-master)

CD STILL LIFE WITH GUITAR, FNAC FR                                                                 592025

1992 10 TRKS

LP SWEET DECEIVER, ISLAND UK                                                                        ILPS 9322

1975 9 TRKS U.K. pressing

CD SWEET DECEIVER, UNIVERSAL JPN                                                              UICY-9532

1975 11 TRKS (’05 issue) (2 x bonus tracks) kami sleeve

LP THAT’S WHAT YOU GET BABE, HARVEST UK                                                SHSP 4106

1980 10 TRKS U.K. pressing

CD UNFAIRGROUND, THE, JVC JPN                                                                      VICP-63981

2007 10 TRKS kami sleeve

CD WHATEVERSHEBRINGSWESING, HARVEST UK                                          582778.2

1972 12 TRKS (’03 issue) (4 x bonus tracks)

CD YES WE HAVE NO MANANAS, BGO UK                                                            BGOCD 143

1976 10 TRKS (’93 issue)

LP YES WE HAVE NO MANANAS, ABC US                                                             AB-1021

1977 10 TRKS U.S. pressing

Let’s also remember Mr. Ayers’ activity with the Lady June album, “Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy” (Caroline UK LP C 1509, 1974) and his nice singing on Mike Oldfield’s “Islands” album in 1987 – on the track “Flying Start” (which also shows up on Ayers’ superlative “Falling Up” album – in a different version).  Mike Oldfield was once Ayers’ bassist (on “Shooting At The Moon”, in a band that included David Bedford and Lol Coxhill!).

So far, at least two members of Soft Machine have died – sax player Elton Dean and bassist Hugh Hopper.  Mr. Ayers left after the debut Soft Machine album, so let’s hope he continues for as long as is possible.  I was a huge fan of the High Hopper solo albums.  The original vocalist of Soft Machine was, of course, the wonderful Robert Wyatt.  And is original Soft Machine keyboardist Mike Ratledge the only member of Soft Machine to not make a solo album?

The extended family of Soft Machine is a very interesting batch of people, to be certain.

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