October, 1990


October, 1990

Twenty years ago, I was readying myself to return to the U.S. after nearly a year of living in England.  The company that I was invited over to run had ‘failed’.  We were too early for the internet, alas.  The small company was called CD Express, in Bath, England.  I believe there is now another company calling themselves that, in England.

Today I illustrate October, 1990 with the cover of issue #159 of Rip It Up magazine, from New Zealand.  This magazine was published by a friend of mine, Murray Cammick.  Probably this issue was sent to me by Mr. Cammick.  Ah, yes – there’s Shayne Carter on the cover, with his band Straitjacket Fits.  I met him on one of my last visits to NZ (1987?).  Nice guy, I think the album by them that I really liked was an EP, “Life In One Chord” (Flying Nun).  I went to NZ seven times in the 80’s…

What’s in this issue?  Beats International seem very big.  I didn’t have much use for that style of stuff, I’m afraid.  There is a 2-page advertisement promoting the 21st anniversary of Creedence Clearwater Revival!  I can see the Lightning Seeds being hyped.  Aussie Absent Friends have a release with “Here’s Looking  Up Your Address” (not a bad effort from ModelsSean Kelly).  I guess John Lee Hooker was going to be playing in New Zealand, so there was some advance press for him.  The Violent Femmes were touring New Zealand in November, 1990.  The Bob Dylan album du jour was “Under The Red Sky”.  The Cramps were visiting New Zealand, promoting “Stay Sick”.  ½ page ad for Nigel Kennedy’s “Four Seasons” album – it had been massive in England.  Aussie belter Jimmy Barnes was going to play NZ in November, with special guests Sam Brown and (the original) Stray Cats etc.  They Might Be Giants were touring.  Aussie band Weddings Parties Anything were coming to NZ (I always rather liked them – I would love to find their “Scorn Of The Women” album on CD!).

It’s interesting to note that CD’s have their own column in this issue of Rip It Up – I guess they were pretty much still a novelty in NZ in 1990.  I saw CD’s in Australia in ’87.  The ‘90 releases were things like the first Led Zeppelin CD boxed set, the Byrds CD boxed set, and Rykodisc were offering their initial releases from David Bowie and Frank Zappa.

Albums being reviewed this month:  Neil Young “Ragged Glory”, Living Colour “Time’s Up”, Julee Cruise “Floating Into The Night”, Dee-Lite “World Clique”, Jesus & Mary Chain “Roller Coaster”, George Michael “Listen Without Prejudice”, Jane’s Addiction “Ritual De Lo Habitual”, Asia “Then and Now”, Happy Mondays “Hallelujah”, the debut (and only album?) by An Emotional Fish (I really liked the song “Celebrate”), Wendy & Lisa “Eroica”, The Replacements “All Shook Down”, Was (Not Was) “How The Heart Behaves” single, The Pixies “Velouria” EP…the only artists this paragraph I find even remotely of interest here are Dee-Lite and An Emotional Fish…and Neil Young albums before 1973…

But I was exhausted after an unsuccessful year of living in England…

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