Ari Up (1962 – 2010)


Ari Up (1962 – 2010)

Goodbye to Ari Up, the vocalist of The Slits.

SLITS, THE CUT                                                                                                                     ISLAND UK

ILPS 9573                           LP

1979 10 TRKS UK

SLITS, THE CUT re                                                                                                                ISLAND UK

548186.2                            CD

1979 12 TRKS re-mastered, 2 x bonus tracks

SLITS, THE EARTHBEAT / BEGIN AGAIN, RHYTHM (PS)                                              CBS UK

CBSA 1498                         7″

1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

SLITS, THE LIVE AT THE GIBUS CLUB                                                                             CASTLE US

CAS 36213.2                      CD

2005 12 TRKS Live 1/26/78

SLITS, THE MAN NEXT DOOR / (Version) (PS)                                                                Y UK

Y 4                                        7″

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve (RT 044)

SLITS, THE PEEL SESSIONS, THE                                                                                   STRANGE FR UK

SFPMACD 207                   CD5

1989 7 TRK CD EP CD5

SLITS, THE RETURN OF THE GIANT SLITS                                                                    EPIC/SONY JPN

MHCP 208                          CD

1981 9 TRKS (’04 issue)

SLITS, THE SLITS, THE                                                                                                        Y UK

Y 3                                        LP

1981? 10 TRKS plain cover

SLITS, THE TYPICAL GIRLS                                                                                                ISLAND UK

12WIP 6505                       12″

1979 4 TRKS with pic sleeve


ANS 102                              7″

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve + poster

SLITS, THE TYPICAL GIRLS LIVE IN CINCINNATI & SF pirate                                     PIRATE

BASIC 2                               LP

1980? 9 TRKS LIVE

SLITS, THE US RADIO INTERVIEW / FACE DUB promo                                               CBS UK

XPS 125                              7″

1981 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


ARI UP DREAD MORE DAN DEAD                                                                             COLLISION DE

CCT 3002.2                        CD

2005? 12 TRKS

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3 Responses to Ari Up (1962 – 2010)

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Sad news, indeed. My wife e-mailed me this afternoon. Have you read “Typical Girls: The Story Of The Slits” by Zoe Street Howe? I just read it this spring. I was glad to see a book on The Slits. I appreciate their dub reggae movement but that Peel Session EP is still it for me.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    “The Cut” still breaks my heart – I first heard it while jet-lagged in London, 1979. I had no idea who / what it was. Ari Up was touring Canada during my visit there in ’05, but never our twain met. I don’t think I remember an L.A. show – certainly not at the time. Still, goodbye, Ari Up. No, I have not read any book on The Slits.

  3. Dana Madore says:

    Sad, indeed! And she was WAY too young!

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