Cook & Moore – Behind The Fridge


Cook & Moore – “Behind The Fridge”

Doing the good work…

I have been a collector of comedy LP’s ever since I was a child.  I have been a fan of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore ever since seeing “Bedazzled” on TV one afternoon, in the late 60’s or early 70’s.  I quickly found everything easily available to me in Los Angeles, I completed the more esoteric aspects of my Cook & Moore collection during the 80’s, usually on visits to New Zealand.

But, according to “Music Master”, the British book of LP / 45 releases – there was a Cook & Moore title in England that I could not find and knew nothing about: “Behind The Fridge” (Atlantic K 40503).  To be honest, I thought that this was likely a mis-print in “Music Master” – as I had never seen this LP on my visits to Australia, NZ or England / Europe.

Well, Bob G. found me the Australian version, which was recorded right before or right after the UK version – and I recently obtained the UK version – two completely different albums, I might add.  Some similar material, some exclusive material…

“Behind The Fridge” (Atlantic UK LP K 40503) 1973, “Donald Langdon for Hemdale Presents”

Side One – Hello (4.10); On Location (15.38); Mini Drama (9.50)

Side Two – Gospel Truth (17.35); Tea For Two (12.45)

“Behind The Fridge” (Atlantic NZ LP SD 1005) undated, “Colin McLennan for Quadrant Productions Presents…”

Side One – Hello; A Conservative; The Gospel Truth

Side Two – On Location; Conservative; Two For Tea

So, the ‘Recorded in Melbourne’ version has two short tracks “A Conservative” and “Conservative”, but the ‘Recorded in England’ version yields “Mini Drama” at nearly 10 minutes long.  Not sure if the title variant “Two For Tea” / “Tea For Two” is a big deal or not.  I have yet to dub these wonderful LP’s to Mini-disc, with an eye for making a CD (for personal use only, of course).

These two albums were recorded in the year before Cook & Moore brought “Good Evening” to the U.S. – and I trust you are all familiar with “Good Evening” (Island Records UK LP ILPS 9298, 1973), which would’ve been recorded right after these two albums and right before the infamous “Derek & Clive (Live)” album (Island Records UK LP ILPS 9434, 1976).

How did the UK version of this LP elude me for nearly 37 years?

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1 Response to Cook & Moore – Behind The Fridge

  1. Saw the original Behind the Fridge in 1973 (?), age 18, with my mate Ian Gardener, who now, ironically, lives in OZ!
    Does your album have the Idi Amin sketch? We literally cried laughing watching that, and I’d love to get a version!


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