John Cale

Saw John Cale @ UCLA last night, playing “Paris 1919” with an orchestra.

Good show!

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  1. David Z says:

    Boy, would I liked to have been at this show. Paris 1919 is one of my favorite John C. albums. And Little Feat (or at least, some of Little Feat)! I’ve never seen a list of musician credits for this album. Have you?

  2. chas_m says:

    GOOD SHOW?! A life-changing album performed live by an orchestra with the man himself in the lead that none of us will ever get to experience (unless they filmed it for DVD) and all you can say is “good show!”???

    C’mon, I want a proper review, dammit! Spill your guts!

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    John Cale is 68 to Dylan’s 69. It was an amazing show for anyone, let alone a man of that age. He did use “Guest Vocalists” as I imagine he can’t keep up with the vocals all evening without an inhaler. They played all of “Paris 1919″m just slightly out of order, his regular stage band playing with a small-ish orchestra, of UCLA disposition – apparently the same orchestra used to make the original LP! Then a brief intermission and “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Gun” medley with “Pablo Picasso”. “Hold Me Down” etc. I have seen Cale many times over the years, both solo and with varying degrees of a band. This show was fine – and not too loud (something that can’t be said fior any 70’s Cale shows). Um, “Paris 1919” seemed a bit ‘rushed’, but he got all the words right – and sang beautifully. Orchestra did OK, may have dragged a bit in places. His new band sounded OK, drummer particularly good. It wasn’t a “club show”, but an orchestra presentation of a classic album, and a short set of “typical’ Cale. Good show…

    Unlike last night’s Belle & Sebastian show at the Hollywood Palladium. Unnecessary opening act, took too long. No assigned seating, so had to stand – upstairs. Even that got crowded. I recognized a few songs, but it all got a bit “same-y” after a while. Enjoyed “Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner” and “Come Into My Office, Baby”. 12 people on stage, most of the time. 2nd time I’d seen the band. Not my audience, they were all still reeling from a John Cale show.

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