Rocktober – Coming Right Up!


Rocktober – Coming Right Up!

In the month of October, 2010 – I am again going to try to answer some proposed questions from regular reader Jim Donato.  I always ask Jim-san for suggestions – and he readily provides some decent thought-provoking topics.  I’ll try to answer / elaborate on as many topics as possible.

  1. The difference between a “best album” and “my favorite album” by a group
  2. Player X leaves band Y and becomes a bigger star – how often does this rarity happen?
  3. Great album – shame about the production
  4. Alternatively, what production saved poor songs?
  5. Phil Spector – yes or no?
  6. Favorite format
  7. Album that ONLY you love, apparently
  8. Have you been able to use any critics reviews to purchase music effectively?
  9. You love music so you worked with records for years – why? It never occurred to me to work in a record store, for instance.
  10. As a sidebar – you love music so you have made music. Again, it never occurred to me. Discuss your feelings on the issue.
  11. Males make intellectual bonds with music vs. females emotional ones.  Discuss. However, both bonds are passionate, yes?
  12. Ever have records melt while you were in a car? It’s a bummer.
  13. Ever wear out a record and have to buy a new copy?
  14. Best reunions
  15. Worst concert experience and why
  16. Occasions where an unknown opener blew off the headliner – going for the opener doesn’t count
  17. Best “cold” opening act (you were unfamiliar with them and really liked them)
  18. Record you can’s figure out WHY it got released – it’s too esoteric in its appeal

See you in Rocktober! I will write about these topics for the first two weeks in Rocktober.  May not get to all of ’em.

Tonight, I am going to go to UCLA and see John Cale play “Paris 1919” with an orchestra.  Yeah!

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4 Responses to Rocktober – Coming Right Up!

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Oooooooooh. I deeply envy you, sir. Please reveal the rest of the set list. Wound me. The 2nd time I saw Cale on his “Hobosapiens” tour was an absolutely thrilling concert. And “Paris 1919” is such a fine album. If he ever does a “Fear” tour I’m making it happen on my end! The version of “Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend” we saw him do was spellbinding. Unfortunately, his “Circus” live album of that tour has another, deeply inferior, arrangement of the song.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Special bonus gold star to Ron for invoking the holy word “Rocktober” first!

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    I will report on the concert tomorrow. Even though I partially blame Mr. Cale for my hearing loss, I can’t wait to see what he does with an orchestra for “Paris 1919”. Hopefully, it isn’t too loud for my aging ears…

  4. David Z says:

    Looking forward to some of those topics…. not saying which though….

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