The Last 5 Years…


The Last 5 Years

Because of how I document and file my music collection, it has been possible for me to keep a list of all my purchases of the last 5 years; F.Y.I., it’s roughly 6,300 titles.

I can see a lot of trends in my collecting – I am also surprised at how some things appear to be longer ago than 5 years, such as my fascination with British 70’s Glam Rock – was it really that long ago?  I first saw how the Japanese recognized the Glam movement as a legit concern when I visited Tokyo in 2003 – within a year or two, I developed my own interests in Glam artistes.  But all of that was over 5 years ago!

My “By Date” list is ‘alpha’ – so not sorted by format.  Nearly all of my SA-CD purchases have been in the last 5 years; I’ve only had an SA-CD player for about a year now.

Another format issue in my list is that I got on a serious 7” 45rpm binge last year.  There were a couple of times when I encountered singles for 25 cents, and bought heaps.

In the last 5 years, I bought around 50 titles by 10cc (none of which were SA-CD’s).  And over 50 titles by David Bowie (some of which were SA-CD’s).  I bought over 30 titles by Bob Dylan (some of which were SA-CD’s).  I bought over 20 titles by Peter Gabriel (again, some of which were SA-CD’s).  Over 30 new Elton John titles for me in the last 5 years (some of which were SA-CD’s).  Over 30 new Paul McCartney titles for me (none of which were SA-CD’s).  It’s as though SA-CD has taken over from Japanese paper sleeve CD’s as the ‘format’ of my choice!  I haven’t really bought anything just because it was an SHM-CD ( = Super High Materials CD ) issue – what I have bought on SHM-CD has been because of the title, not the format (with the possible exception of the debut album by Emerson, Lake & Palmer – and, of course, it got re-issued as an SHM-CD  later on with bonus tracks!)

The majority of titles by The Rolling Stones that were added to my collection (around 50!) were because of the SA-CD format.  In fact, I bought several SA-CD’s of Stones titles when I couldn’t find original German issues!

Over 30 new Ryuichi Sakamoto titles for me (none of which were SA-CD’s).  Over 30 new Stranglers titles for me (none of which were SA-CD’s – there were loads of re-masters for The Stranglers, however – practically a full set!).  Almost 50 new titles by The Who (yes, some were SA-CD’s, but also lots of 7” singles!).  And even though my fandom hasn’t been at it’s peak in the last 5 years, I added approx. 40 new titles by Yello to my collection in the last 5 years.

And as will be of no surprise to regular readers, the largest number of new titles by an artist added to my collection in the last 5 years?  Frank Zappa, with 78 new-to-me titles.  Re-masters, paper sleeves, singles, variant pressings of vinyl – and no SA-CD’s – but there was a DVD-Audio title!

So, those were the biggies of my collection over the last 5 years.  I wish I had my lists by date in ‘alpha’ previous to 2006, but…not gonna happen…

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