Japanese Top 100 60’s/70’s Titles


Japanese Top 100 60’s / 70’s Titles

In the August 2010 issue of “Record Collectors magazine” from Japan, they name the “Top 100” Japanese artist 60’s & 70’s titles.  I am only familiar with a small amount of titles in this list – in fact, I can’t even read what many of the titles are!  The ones I recognized (and / or own) are:

Happy End – Happy End (Haruomi Hosono)

Haruomi Hosono – Bon Voyage Co.

Haruomi Hosono – Hosono House

Flower Travelin’ Band – Satori

Y.M.O. – Solid State Survivors

Carmen Maki & Oz – (self-titled)

Y.M.O. – Y.M.O. (debut)

Haruomi Hosono – Paraiso

Food Brain – Social Gathering

Pyg – (self titled) (Kenji Sawada)

Haruomi Hosono – Tropical Dandy

Yukihiro Takahashi – Saravah

Yuzo Kayama – Kayama Yuzo No Subete

Makoto Kubota – Second Line

There were a few other titles that I recognized, but the above 14 titles are the ones I actually own and / or am familiar with.  They really seem to be very fond of the 70’s solo albums by Y.M.O.’s Haruomi Hosono!

I don’t actually own an LP of the Happy End title, but I think I have it on CD – a collection, perhaps?  I do own all the Hosono titles mentioned here.  I used to own a Japanese LP of the Flower Travelin’ Band – but it wasn’t to my taste.  Of course I have the Y.M.O. material.  I found a used LP of the Carmen Maki & Oz LP; I mail-ordered the Food Brain from Japan on CD; I bought the Pyg album on CD in Japan.  I have both an LP & CD of the Yukihiro Takahashi album.  I believe Makoto Kubota is from Sandii & The Sunsetz, which explains why I have a CD of this title.

It’s always interesting to me to see how the Japanese magazines rank genres.  I knew that some of the titles listed above are ‘famous’ – but, for example, I would never have guessed about this Yukihiro Takahashi title over any other – did “Murdered By The Music” fall outside of the criteria because of it’s 1980 release date?  Gee, I would love to see this same list for Japanese Rock 1980 – 2000!

I always saw this Yuzo Kayama album when I visited Tokyo – so when one turned up locally, I snapped it up.  Mid-60’s guitar rock, a la The Ventures etc.  I guess he was more of an actor than a musician?  But he certainly seems to be highly regarded as a guitarist!

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