Even more SA-CD’s in Japan!


Even more SA-CD’s in Japan!


Imagine my surprise…even more SA-CD’s have been scheduled for release in Japan.  This makes Batch #3 – and I still haven’t seen Batch #1 as yet. 4,500 yen ea – doubles more.  October 27, 2010 for most of these titles.  There were also some classical titles.

SACD        UIGY-9036               V.A. / SA-CD SHM SAMPLER (2SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UCGO-9006              ART PEPPER / ART PEPPER MEETS THE RHYTHM SECTION + 1 (SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UIGY-9041               ASIA / ASIA (SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UCGO-9004              BILL EVANS / WALTZ FOR DEBBY + 4 (SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UIGY-9047               CARAVAN / IN THE LAND OF GREY AND PINK (SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UIGY-9042               CREAM / WHEELS OF FIRE (SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UIGY-9044               HUMBLE PIE / SMOKIN’ (SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027


SACD        UIGY-9045               POLICE, THE / OUTLANDOS D’AMOUR (SACD) (SHM) (ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UIGY-9040               RAINBOW / LONG LIVE ROCK’N’ROLL (SACD) (SHM) (ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UIGY-9038               ROLLING STONES, THE / BEGGARS BANQUET (SACD) (SHM) (ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UCGO-9005              SONNY ROLLINS / SAXOPHONE COLOSSUS (SACD) (SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UIGY-9039               STEELY DAN / GAUCHO (SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

SACD        UIGY-9046               WISHBONE ASH / ARGUS (SACD)(SHM)(ltd.) – 20101027

The low cost sampler is likely one I will go for, although one hopes it being a double isn’t like the SHM-CD samplers – one disc regular, one disc SHM – same program.

Really looking forward to the Caravan SA-CD – as I really like this album – and it’s definitely never been an SA-CD in the US or Europe.  And the Cream one?  Certainly never been an SA-CD here before.  The John Mayall will be nice, too.  4,500 yen each?  I’ll only be ordering the Caravan and the sampler, I’m afraid.

And Rolling Stones, Police and Steely Dan all already exist as SA-CD’s in the US.

I wish the ones I have already ordered would hurry up and arrive!

– Ron

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2 Responses to Even more SA-CD’s in Japan!

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I just bought my 1st JPN kami CD. Not any exotic CD format variant. The debut Metro album. The new JPN pressing looks to be on the cusp of OOP. I paid $27 + air mail for it from a great dealer on GEMM. Everywhere else it was about $50 + shipping. There have been 3 CDs pressed of this title, as far as I know. The 1st JPN pressing from the mid 90s with the entirely rare Public Zone “Naive” single that followed the Metro debut album following Duncan Browne’s departure as the bonus material. I’d still like to get this because the Public Zone single fetches a fortune due to Stewart Copeland drumming on it. It came out in 1977 and Copeland was offered the chance to leave still untried The Police for this new trio formed with Sean Lyons and Peter Godwin. He passed. There then followed a UK pressing of the Metro album around 2000. This 3rd pressing that I have seems identical in content to that with the 7″ edit of “Criminal World” added as a bonus track. The main difference is the kami packaging.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    I recommend kami sleeves for any album you really love. In most cases, they do a beautiful job with the packaging. Best way is to go to japan and buy ’em all used. i buy some new stuff via mail-order, but they’re pricey.

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