Trattoria Records – Samplers

9-8-10             Trattoria Records samplers

Trattoria Records (Japan) operated from roughly 1992 until 2002.  I got to visit their offices in Tokyo (near Ebisu) in 1996.  I love to collect their eclectic samplers.  I think this is all of ‘em!

CDx3 ANCHOR (3CD boxed set)                                                      TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-6055-7

2002 37 TRK Compilation; Menu 250 (Final ‘Menu’)

LP BEND IT JAPAN 2000                                                               TRATTORIA JP  PSJR-9128

1998 11 TRKS Menu 166

CD COURSE Vol. 1 (“The Exotic Xmas”)                                     TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-9002

1992 11 TRKS CD + VHS video; Menu 9

CD FOOTBALLING WEEKENDERS Vol. 1                                  TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-6029

2001 19 TRKS Menu 245

CD JAZZ JERSEY                                                                             TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-1067

1992 8 TRK Collection; Menu 7

CD MENU 100 (1CD)                                                                      TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5713

1998 22 TRK Collection Menu 163

CDx3 MENU 100 (3CD boxed set + LP)                                          TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-9103-5

1996 61 TRKS with pic disc LP; Menu 100

CDx2 MENU 200                                                                                  TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5848/9

2000 30 TRKS Menu 200

CD MENU 42 – A TRATTORIA SELECTION                                 TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5313-A

1994 11 TRKS; Menu 42

CD POP ROMANTIQUE                                                                  TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5773

1999 15 TRKS Menu 184

CD PREGO! 2001 – NIGHT PERFORMANCE                             TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5989

2001 13 TRKS Menu 238

CD PREGO! ’93 – MENU OF                                                           TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5036

1993 23 TRKS Menu 20

CD PREGO! ’95 – MENU OF                                                           TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5395

1995 22 TRKS Menu 64

CD PREGO! ’97 – VIEW-MASTER                                                  TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5638

1997 19 TRKS Menu 141

CD PREGO! ’99 – CAMP-MASTER                                                 TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5746

1999 19 TRKS Menu 174

CD Q.A.Z. (TRATTORIA ALL STARS)                                            TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5447

1996 6 TRKS O.S.T. (?) Menu 81

CD SHOCK CITY SHOCKERS Vol. 2                                           TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5980

2001 13 TRKS 00I00 remix; Menu 236

CD WORLD SHINES BRIGHTLY, THE                                        TRATTORIA JP  PSCR-5340

1994 21 TRKS Menu 48

So, approx. 250 releases in 10 years (Designated with “Menu” numbers).  Many of you will be familiar with Cornelius and Hideki Kaji.  The first Trattoria act I ever heard was The Bridge, courtesy of my friend Ken, who was visiting Japan in ’92 / ’93.  Interesting that the Prego series is only on “odd” years.  The “Exotic Christmas” was the most difficult to find, but not the most expensive – that would be MENU 100, the version that’s 3CD’s, an LP & a T-Shirt.

Coinciding with my initial interest in Trattoria Records was an interest in Corduroy, the British ‘acid jazz’ band of the early 90’s.  Trattoria was who released the first few Corduroy albums in Japan, always with a bonus track (or two).  And Corduroy appeared on Trattoria samplers, along with some other non-Japanese European artists, such as Louis Philippe.  It was a fun set of stuff on most Trattoria samplers.

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One Response to Trattoria Records – Samplers

  1. Eric Bremmer says:

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for giving me the possibility to view this info about Trattoria. Recently, I discovered their music and I am interested in buying some of their music. Do you have any tips for me where to start searching?

    Thanks in advance.



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