Mute Beat / Kazufumi Kodama

9-7-10             Mute Beat / Kazufumi Kodama


CD 1982 / 2002 KODAMA (ECHO) FROM DUB STATION                            SPEEDSTAR JP       VICL-60976

2002 16 TRK Collection, CD + DVD

CD DREAD BEAT IN TOKYO                                                                              OVERHEAT JPN       OVE-0056

1997 12 TRKS

CD IN THE STUDIO (as Dub Station)                                                               DELPHONIC JPN     GNCL-1026

2005 10 TRKS Live in the studio, ’99 – mono

CD LIVE (with Gota Yashiki)                                                                               OVERHEAT JPN       OVE-0088

2002 18 TRKS Live ’96

CD MORE (as Dub Station)                                                                                DELPHONIC JPN     GNCL-1072

2006 13 TRKS + DVD (66m) “Geneon”

CD NAZO                                                                                                                SPEEDSTAR JP       VICL-60827

2001 15 TRKS

CD PISTOL OPERA (Soundtrack)                                                                     SPEEDSTAR JP       VICL-60786

2001 11 TRKS O.S.T.

CD QUIET REGGAE                                                                                             SONY JPN                 SRCS 6517

1992 9 TRKS

CD REQUIEM DUB                                                                                              SPEEDSTAR JP       VICL-60467

1999 10 TRKS

CD RETURN OF THE DREAD BEAT                                                                ABSORD JPN            ABCS-22

2002 11 TRKS

CD SILENT PRAYER, A                                                                                       SPEEDSTAR JP       VICL-61150

2003 12 TRKS

CD SOMETHING – REMIX (with Gota Yashiki)                                                SONY JPN                 SRCS 8194

1996 10 TRKS

CD SOMETHING (with Gota Yashiki)                                                                SONY JPN                 SRCS 8163

1996 15 TRKS

CD STARS                                                                                                             RED INK                     WK 71053

2000 12 TRKS (’03 issue)

CD5 WHAT’S 8APPEN? (as “K.T.U.”)                                                                  SPEEDSTAR JP       VICL-35237

2001 3 TRK CD Single CD5


CD 14 ECHOES + 1 (20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION)                                    OVERHEAT JPN       PCCA-01742

2002 15 TRK Collection; DSD Mastering

CDx2 DOCUMENT 1989                                                                                         OFF NOTE                 ON-10

1996 18 TRKS Live

CD DUB WISE                                                                                                       OVERHEAT JPN       PCCA-00685

1989 8 TRKS 5th, re-issue

CD FLOWER                                                                                                         OVERHEAT JPN       D32Y-0117

1987 9 TRKS 2nd

CD LIVE                                                                                                                  OVERHEAT JPN       PCCY-00041

1989 12 TRKS Live

CD LOVER’S ROCK                                                                                             PONY CANYON JP   PCCA-01755

1988 9 TRKS (’02 issue) kami sleeve, DSD Mastering

CD MARCH                                                                                                            OVERHEAT JPN       D22Y-0320

1989 10 TRKS 4th

CD NO. 0 – VIRGIN DUB                                                                                      RESPECT JPN         RES-7

1985 13 TRKS (2 x bonus tracks)

CD R. ALPHONSO MEETS MUTE BEAT                                                          OVERHEAT JPN       OVE-0066

1988 13 TRKS Live

CD STILL ECHO                                                                                                   OVERHEAT JPN       D32Y-0114

1987 7 TRKS 1st

12″ SUNNY SIDE WALK                                                                                      OVERHEAT JPN       C12Y-0301

1988 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

Unless I am mistaken, the way I first heard of Mute Beat was a promotional copy of the TRA Project cassette that was eventually released as “No. 0”.  The tape came in a wooden box.  The idea of Japanese dub reggae was intriguing.  The company I had been working for went out of business in ’87, so I had to watch the bins at larger Tower Records stores in California, to keep abreast of Mute Beat releases (which I did a pretty good job of, I only missed one the first time around, “Mute Beat In Dub”).

They actually came and played in Los Angeles in ’89 – my whole crew went.  I got a bunch of stuff autographed.  Nice guys.  I often think of ’87 – ’94 as being the years I know the least about Japanese music, with Mute Beat being the big exception.  I followed them as closely as possible.

After Mute Beat finished, I continued my interest in the work of leader (and trumpet player) Kazufumi Kodama.  “Quiet Reggae” was the first solo effort I spotted, and it’s a pretty cool album.  Apparently, Kodama is somewhat known as a visual artist, as well.

Once I started going to Japan in ’94, it became much easier to keep up with his works.  I have more stuff than is on this list, mostly vinyl – and some CD EP’s.  Japanese artist discographies are notoriously difficult to compile / write.

When Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra came through town a few years later, I wore my Mute Beat T-shirt to the show and raised a few eyebrows.

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