Progfest in Japan!


Progfest in Japan!

That’s right, kids!  Progfest in Tokyo next week!  I’d pay to see Steve Hackett play live!  I wonder who is in Renaissance these days?  I had no idea that Yoninbayashi had re-formed and were playing again.  And what a cool Roger Dean poster!

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a card-carrying subscriber to Strange Days magazine.  They often have wonderful pictorials on progressive rock – no, the magazine is written in Japanese, so I can’t ”read” it – but the lists are usually written in romaggi (an alphabet I can read and write in).  Nobody but nobody beats the Japanese magazines when it comes to making lists of stuff!

Here’s how quickly things move in Japan:  How long ago were SHM-CD’s introduced in Japan?  2 years ago? Among the first titles offered were the catalogue of Emerson, Lake & Palmer – I quickly went for their debut album.  Anything for a good-sounding CD of that album!  I saw in a recent issue of Strange Days that they’re being re-released (again as SHM-CD’s) but now they have bonus tracks! ELP albums have never had bonus tracks!

I have also recently waltzed in the prog rock parade in Japan – almost all of the Yes titles were recently newly re-mastered, including “Big Generator”, which was not re-mastered by Rhino Records in this country.  I confess that bit was very aesthetically pleasing to see all the Yes albums re-mastered as little LP cover CD’s – I actually picked up a few of them (as I found them used in L.A.)

And yep – geek boy here bought a UK Genesis box of the first five albums ostensibly to have them as SACD’s.  And the first seven Moody Blues albums as SACD’s, too.  So, let’s just say that I have recent editions of all the mainstream progressive rock titles that I am willing to admit that I own.  Who knows?  Maybe even some of this stuff will find it’s way to “My Ultimate Collection” eventually?

Of course, the very thought of progressive rock summons up ‘obscurity’ – and the stuff I have mentioned here today would all pretty much fly on mainstream FM stations.  Don’t worry, I also have little album cover CD’s of tons of great obscure Italian progressive rock and “20th Century Classical” artist Walter Marchetti – who definitely won’t be on any radio station anytime soon.

But my carnival mask of ‘prog rock fan’ is just one of many that I can wear.  I have jazz records.  I went to see Level 42 at the end of July.  I collect 1960’s US C&W music (well, certain artists).  The Monochrome Set!  I have 700+ comedy LP’s.  I like pop music from New Zealand.  So, I am not just pidgeon-holed into being only a ‘prog rock fan’.  I am listening to all sorts of stuff around here, buddy!

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5 Responses to Progfest in Japan!

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Let it not be said that if it’s round, spins and produces sound, that Ron doesn’t have some time for it! He’s Mr. Eclectic dear readers.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    “Anything good of it’s kind”, I always paraphrase Tony Stratton-Smith.

  3. Skiddana says:

    I’ve known RON for years, and RARELY can you stump him with an obscure band/artist/album! God love him!

  4. ronkanefiles says:

    Nice to see you here, Dana! Thanks for reading my stuff!

  5. Aad says:

    the Surprising Persisting Spirit of
    Born in the Netherlands of the roaring sixties, Supersister became a local legend in the early seventies with their first single ‘ She was Naked’, followed by 4 remarkable albums that even more established their unique place in the music scene.

    In the following years until 1974 the group further developed their new and very own language of European orientated pop music, received well internationally by not the least people like John Peel and cooperated with trendsetting companies like the Netherlands Dance Theatre.
    Supersisters reappearance at the LA Progfest in 2000, followed by the live DVD Supersisterious (live in Amsterdam) in 2000, proved that their music didn’t lose a bit of its crispy edge. After the unexpected loss of flutist Sacha van Geest that same year, this successful reunion came to a sudden end.

    Now, some 10 years later Supersister will appear as a trio* on Nearfest 2011, with very much Sacha in mind and for the sake of the timeless spirit and humor that will always be part of Supersisters live performances.

    * SS line up 2010 : Ron van Eck- bass, Marco Vrolijk – drums,
    Robert Jan Stips – keyboards & vocals

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