Ultimate Collection #3


Ultimate Collection – Title #3

Still hard at work on deciding about “My Ultimate Collection”.  Of course, this collection will include LP’s as well as CD’s – shall I also include DVD’s (or videotapes/laserdiscs)?  I mean, I do have to physically store everything in “My Ultimate Collection”, and have it readily available to myself.

So, I am pausing a bit as I decide what the 3rd title of “My Ultimate Collection” will be.

When I submitted my ‘perfect scores’ for titles in Gnosis (the record rating website), I think I immediately added more Frank Zappa, but I may not do that here.  A good choice would be Split Enz “Mental Notes” – the re-mastered WSM Australia CD of it, though an original NZ White Cloud LP would be more aesthetically pleasing – I guess at this juncture in my narrative, I will have to decide which formats / versions of each title to ‘keep’.  For my #1 choice (the 3rd Zappa album), I will be permanently keeping at least 5 versions of this title, while for my #2 choice (John Cage), I will keep only 2 versions, the original 1959 2LP boxed set and the 1992 2CD (the world’s only CD issue).

But if I do stick with having “Mental Notes” be my choice for #3, I will need a White Cloud NZ LP, a Mushroom Australia LP and the WSM Australia CD (which is a re-master).  So, 3 titles into “My Ultimate Collection” and I already have 10 pieces, if I keep all the desired versions!

When I hit 25,000 titles last month, initially it wasn’t too hard to find stuff to get rid of, to keep the list from swelling too badly.  But I can easily see that (with what I found in San Francisco over my birthday) I am not going to be able to strictly keep the list to 25,000 titles only.  Yes, I will be selling some titles from my permanent collection at the next Claremont swap meet in September; and, yes, I do take stuff to trade-in at Amoeba Music.

I saw Split Enz play the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach in about 1976/7.  I am sure someone out there can find a gig-ography and tell me the exact date, I must check my LP’s and see if I still have the ticket stub!  But seeing them live sealed my interest in this band (they had a mellotron).  A short while later, a wise older-than-me record collector told me about the original version of “Mental Notes” – what I had heard was the US / UK version, which is known as “Second Thoughts” in Australasia.

So, prog fans – you need to hear this album.  It’s wonderful British-inspired Antipodean 1975 keyboard progressive rock with really good songs and vocals.  It is because of this album that I visited New Zealand so many times in the 1980’s, trying to track down all the pieces of this album, trying to meet some of the people responsible for making this amazing record.  It’s why I care at all about Split Enz.

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