Time Machine 1970 #6


Time Machine 1970 #6

Strange Days magazine in Japan is keeping up with it’s “Time Machine” series, which I find quite interesting.

Strange Days 2010.08 lists “June 1970 Albums” as: Deep Purple – “Deep Purple In Rock” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 777); Yes – “Time and A Word” (Atlantic UK LP K 40085); Soft Machine – “Third” (CBS UK LP S 64080 – double LP); Miles Davis – “Bitches Brew” (CBS UK LP S 66236 – double LP); Free – “Fire and Water” (Island UK LP ILPS 9120); Pretty Things – “Parachute” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 774); Procol Harum – “Home” (Regal-Zonophone UK LP SLRZ 1014); The Nice – “Five Bridges” (Charisma UK LP CAS 1014); and Jimi Hendrix – “Band Of Gypsies” (Track Record UK LP 2406 002).

I have 8 of the 9 titles today (Can’t really wrap my head around the Miles Davis title – during this period, I stick to Miles albums with Hermeto Pascoal).

I heard the Deep Purple LP when it was a new release, and I got a US copy almost immediately – I think I heard “Into The Fire” either on the FM radio or in a record store.  I don’t think I heard the Yes LP at this time, but I certainly saw it – I came back and got it after “Fragile” (The US & UK packages are very different!).  Definitely didn’t hear Soft Machine’s 3rd LP when it came out, but likely within a year or two – I definitely heard the first two Soft Machine LP’s before “Third”.  I am surprised that “Third” has been re-mastered for CD no less than 3 or 4 times…in Japan.

I heard “All Right Now” on the radio and got the A&M US 45 of it.  When I finally got “Fire & Water” by Free, I was disappointed that the 45 version of “All Right Now” was not on the LP.  No matter now, of course – but I still wonder if all the versions of “All Right Now” have made it to CD?  I had been a fan of “S.F. Sorrow” by Pretty Things, but I didn’t hear “Parachute” at the time – probably not for another 5 or 6 years, when I was busy trying to complete the “SHVL series” of Harvest Records (UK).  My brother instilled in me a deep love and understanding of Procol Harum, and “Home” remains one of my favorite LP’s of all time, probably my favorite LP on this list today, in 2010.  I recently got a 45 of “Whiskey Train” that is totally edited, amazing (and not in a good way).  “Still There’ll Be More” is a top Procol Harum song, in my book.  I think I heard Emerson, Lake & Palmer before I ever heard The Nice, which was kind of not uncommon in 1970.  The Immediate label Nice albums were all in the bargain bin, so after EL&P hit, it was fairly easy pickings.  “One Of Those People” was always my favorite Nice track

And dear old Jimi Hendrix was still alive when the doll cover of “Band Of Gypsies” was released.  I do not remember reading why the US package was totally changed, but I have never warmed to it.  I also wasn’t such a fan of this live album at the time – I wanted everything to sound like “Electric Ladyland”, which this album didn’t.  I admit to buying a version of the CD with bonus tracks added, so maybe one day soon I’ll give it another try.

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6 Responses to Time Machine 1970 #6

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I guess you’d have to be a few years older to have heard The Nice pre-ELP. I first heard them when working at my high school radio station. Our album library was donated by WLOF-AM and there was a promo copy of “Elegy” and when I was perusing the racks the name Keith Emerson jumped out at me, since ELP was my favorite group in 77-78. (late, I know – they were food for worms by that time)

    I listened to “Elegy” and liked their version of “America.” But The Nice really came alive for me a few years later when I got (I think) Mr. Ware’s old copies of their albums when I discovered the wonder of used record stores (Retro Records)! “Autumn to Spring” rocked my world then and it still does now. I also love “Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack” and even “Five Bridges.” I don’t have “The Nice” on CD so it’s been many years since I’ve heard it.

    • ronkanefiles says:

      I agree – “Autumn To Spring” is wonderful. And it’s properly on CD in 2010. Before now, one could buy both of the 90’s UK Charisma / Virgin CD’s “Five Bridges” & “Elegy” and get “Autumn To Spring” as ‘bonus tracks’. But I believe Eclectic via Cherry Red has done it properly now. And it’s even a ‘little paper album cover’ CD in Japan now! So, short of it becoming an audiophile MFSL SA-CD, “we have it covered”. Viva “Autumn To Spring”!

      • postpunkmonk says:

        Fabtastic news! I must put it on my 3.2 light year long want list for CDs. I get so wrapped up in my remastering projects, that I buy almost NO CDs of albums. The budget’s just not there.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Arrgh! It has an awful, different cover! And that is perhaps my favorite cover of all time on the LP. Much sadness.

    • ronkanefiles says:

      There has always been a UK cover and a US cover. I always thought that the UK cover likened itself towards “Elegy”, whereas the US cover? Who designed it? Glen Christensen and Milton Sincoff – probably Buddah staffers. Whereas, the UK copy – Design by Hipgnosis. Both sleeves actually have merit – thankfully, the contents of the LP are the same, between the US & UK. Nice embossing, on the US cover!

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    Well, those Buddah staffers put 99.5% of all 1970s record album design to shame with that effort. I’m seeing further LP design work on Glen. Less on Milton. The UK cover is a lesser Hipgnosis effort, in my eyes. “Elegy” and “Five Bridges” are much better.

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